Advantages of Virtual Board Meetings

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Are virtual board meetings the future? How to promote your business through online meetings and use its main advantages? To answer those questions, take a look at the article below.

The Usage of Virtual Board Meetings in Organizing Board Performance

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the transition to isolation mode, many companies began to actively explore this niche in a variety of areas: business leaders began to organize online meetings and webinars, share business management experience in a crisis, marketers – to offer their services through useful events for working in social networks, SEO promotion, useful services for transferring a business to a remote location with minimal losses, and sometimes even vice versa.

Just as at offline events, there are two global goals at virtual board meetings on to present the company to a wide range of people interested in your product and to find useful connections for future joint projects. However, there are a number of risks that need to be anticipated and prevented, such as the risk of isolation (especially for single people) and the risk of losing contact with other employees in the form of interaction between people and companies’ changes, but the goals remain the same.

Besides, in a pandemic, virtual board meetings have proven to be an important factor for business continuity, while under normal circumstances, its benefits include reduced commuting time, the ability to focus on work tasks away from office distractions, and finding the right balance between work. and personal life. The board meeting model provides greater freedom in the choice of work schedule, as well as an alternative workplace outside the employer’s premises.

The Main Advantages of Virtual Board Meetings

Virtual board meetings in real-time over the Internet is easy enough. The advantages of online work and the necessary tools for the organization:

  • to carry out the virtual board meetings, you only need a special program for an online conference, many of which are free;
  • it is very convenient when, after online virtual board meetings, you have the opportunity to view presentation slides or the entire video of the webinar. Indeed, it often happens that the time of a webinar coincides with some important work or other events that cannot be missed;
  • required components – microphone, internet connection, computer, and webcam; there is no need to purchase additional equipment or create complex infrastructure;
  • multipoint connection – people from different parts of the world can take part in such a conference;
  • ample opportunities for cooperation, offer of services and goods;
  • for listeners, a great advantage of virtual board meetings is that there is no need to rush during rush hours to the other end of the city through Moscow traffic jams, or even more so to travel hundreds of kilometers to another city. Saves money and time;
  • renting a conference room in the past – each event participant can be at his workplace and at the same time view other sites, work synchronously with other documents;
  • profitable savings – reducing financial costs for renting a hall or paying for a business trip;
  • fast and effective training and informing clients;
  • high efficiency – research shows that conference participants work more efficiently in the office than on a business trip;
  • the board portal service is available only to firms. For a private user, the rates for organizing virtual board meetings are quite expensive.

Best free cloud apps

app cloud

Have a problem with storing tons of your files? Want to immediately share it with other users? Try to install an app cloud! Check out our list of the best applications available for free.

Benefits of Storage Software 

Nowadays, almost everyone has a problem storing data. It’s not surprising as the majority of photos and videos on modern smartphones are high-quality and take a lot of space to store. Another common problem is data sharing. In this fortune, cloud apps may be a great solution. They provide users the possibility to store any data online. Another great feature is sharing of stored files. It may be helpful not only for personal usage but for business or some professional field as well. Using such applications, no distance is a problem.

Nevertheless, the majority of software offering such services is quite expensive. In some cases, the prices are inflated and not every user can afford to use such apps. Although, such functions may be very helpful and make your life much easier. We’ve compiled a list of apps providing the best services for free.

Top Cloud Storage Apps Available for Free

In this list, you will find free software providing the most helpful and flexible services to their customers. Feel free to use any of them as the quality of their options is approved.

Google Drive. Probably the most famous services on the market. It’s not unreasonable though. First of all, a customer may use 15 GB for free. Compared with other similar apps, it’s pretty generous. Secondly, it performs great. Synchronizing with other services is undeniably impressive. You can upload a picture or a video with the highest quality and it will be in the shortest time available on the storage, saving all its quality and resolution. And finally, it offers great sharing options. Moreover, you can make notifications, customize the interface of stored files, and use lots of other great unique functions.

Sync. It’s quite hard to find another software providing such a high level of protection as all the data is encrypted. Moreover, it doesn’t even have any success in users’ files. All the possibilities of information leakage or any other cyber threat are minimum or even impossible at all. Registering, a customer gets 5 GB of storage. Nevertheless, they can enlarge space using referrals. In this way, for each successful referral, a customer gets 1 GB more. Another benefit of this app is that it hasn’t any restriction on the acceptable size of uploading files.

OneDrive. It’s an app provided by Microsoft. As a previous one, it offers 5 GB of storage for free as well. By making referrals, a user can get up to 10 GB more. Customers can share and edit Office files using this app. Also, it provides some great opportunities for customers who have OneDrive on several devices. In this fortune, it’s possible to remotely interact with files on another connected device even if such data isn’t uploaded on a cloud. Such an advantage is great because it allows accessing desirable data whenever it’s stored.  

How to use a laptop as a monitor

laptop as a monitor

A single monitor is not enough for you and you want to somehow solve such an issue? In this article, you will learn how to use a laptop as a monitor. It’s a pretty simple method that consists of several steps. 

Advantages of Connecting a Laptop to a Desktop

Sometimes a single monitor doesn’t provide as much space as a user needs. Consequently, they have to toggle windows to simultaneously use several programs, applications, and so forth. Even if your PC is quite powerful, usually such operations perform slow and it takes your time as well as annoys. Nevertheless, if you have a laptop, even an old one, there is a great solution to such a problem. Work with two documents simultaneously, chat and keep playing a video game, display a large project full size, and many other possibilities are available with two screens.

The Best Method to Use a Laptop as a Monitor

There is no easier way to make a laptop your second monitor than to do it on the up-to-date version of Windows 10. Fortunately, it’s a choice of the bulk of users, so this guide will be helpful for the most. This operating system is provided with Miracast that allows connecting a laptop as a monitor without any additional stuff. The only requirements are to have the latest version of the mentioned OS on both devices.

First of all, you need to prepare a laptop. It will take you a few moments:

  • Turn on a laptop.
  • Find the projection options which are located in system settings.
  • Find the menu where a user can choose which devices can be connected. There is an option that allows connecting other devices with the same OS. You need to decide to make projection available everywhere, or only on Secured Networks.
  • After, you need to “Ask to project to this PC”. If you are going to use such a feature often, then disable such a function. However, if it would be a single time, set this function to every time.
  • Make a PIN code. It will guarantee your safety and exclude the possibility to connect to your PC for other users.
  • Plug a laptop in. In another case, it won’t be projected as well as the battery will die soon.
  • Take into account the name of a laptop. Find it in “Settings” at the bottom.

After you have prepared a laptop, it’s time to deal with a PC.

  • Turn on a PC.
  • Press Windows Key+P.
  • There will show up a menu where you can choose a projection of your screen. Press on “Extend”.
  • Find the name of a laptop.
  • Approve the action.

From now, your mission is complete. If you want to disable such a feature, just “Disconnect” it. Remember, that two screens are bad for some resource-taking processes. For example, it won’t perform well if you are going to play a game on two screens. In most cases, there will be a delay. 

If users have a more outdated version of the OS, or just don’t have a connection to the Internet, buy Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and plug it in USB and HDMI ports.

Best free presentation software for business

best slides

Do you want to find software that will help you to make a great business presentation? Check out the top in this article. Make your speech memorable by creating the best slides for free.

Benefits of Presentation Software

Even if your speech is perfect and you have prepared excellent content for it, it won’t work if it has no visualization. It’s very hard for the audience to keep in mind your words as there are a lot of them and the bulk is pretty important for understanding the whole subject. Nevertheless, presentation software is a solution that will significantly impact the success of your performance. If a great speech is provided with a good slideshow, it’s impossible to take one’s mind away from it.

A good presentation may be not only a useful addition but the core of your whole speech. Want to propose a new business plan to your company? Make your slides so impressive and memorable that the firm won’t be able to say no. Your ideas must be presented in the best way. Making an appropriate impression on your colleagues will guarantee you success.

The Best Free Presentation Software for Business 

The majority of such software offers excellent functions but is quite expensive. In this case, we’ve prepared a list of the best presentation software available for free. Make no mistake selecting one of the ones mentioned below.

  • This software provides you the possibility to make a presentation online, so there is no need to install it. Due to such an approach, it allows working on a project for some users from different devices. It’s hard to find another software offering such wide opportunities for creativity. Unlike in the majority of similar programs, a user creates a presentation not slide by slide, but all the parts simultaneously. Another great feature is the ability of animations. In this fortune, this software is very easy and provides a wide range of options to a user.
  • Another great software which is available via browser. It’s perfect for those who want to create a project very fast as there are a lot of already-made patterns, images, and other content that may be used. Also, it provides many customization options. Another interesting feature of this program is that it allows viewing a presentation via the Internet. In this fortune, you can show it to your colleagues to edit something or give an online speech.
  • The majority of its functions are based on PowerPoint, but in some cases it even exceeds it. First of all, the software is available for Mac as well. Furthermore, it may import Keynote files. Secondly, there are a lot of free patterns a user can add to their project. A large collection is full of great layouts you may use to create a presentation much faster. And the most considerable feature is customization options. Consequently, it has everything to make any slideshow you want. Such software is a part of LibreOffice that is an analog of similar Microsoft programs but with many new features and advantages.

VDR Services Pricing

virtual data room pricing

Need reliable storage of your documents or want to make deals online? Check out the virtual data room pricing. It will help you to inquire about the cost of services you need. 

Advantages of Using VDR Services

Due to modern technologies, time-taking and costly documents transactions are now not as efficient as the physical important data storage. In this way, the bulk of businesses use VDR services. There is a list of benefits provided by data rooms:

  • High level of security. Usually, there are a lot of helpful technologies used to protect the data. For example, one of the most efficient methods is encryption.
  • Management services. Different providers may offer pretty various possibilities to control and interact with your data. In this fortune, a user can easily upload and download files, edit them, structure, schedule, organize, and so forth.
  • Easy interface. It’s hard to find too complicated services as no one wants to deal with something not user-friendly. As a rule, VDRs are very understandable and don’t require any background knowledge to work with them efficiently.
  • Integration with other software. Some data rooms can be used along with other tools making the whole work process much more convenient and productive.

Data Room Pricing for Today

The cost of a transaction depends on the provider of services, and features of the data that need to be transferred. Some services require thousands of dollars from companies to transfer their extremely expensive and important data. Nevertheless, with the growth of competition, data room pricing became much more affordable and many firms can afford such services. As a rule, the cost will depend on one or several features mentioned below:

Cost per page. It’s a very common way to calculate the price of a transaction. Usually, the price varies from $0.50 up to $1. At the first sight, it may seem pretty generous, but the transportation of big documents may appear pretty expensive.

Cost per user. Usually, Virtual Data Rooms may accommodate quite a lot of users. Although their number is big, it’s not endless. In this fortune, a provider may require to make an additional payment to accept more users. Such costs differ a lot on various platforms.

Cost for space. It’s not a secret for everyone that storage space on any platform has a limit as well. To enlarge it, users need to buy more GBs. The costs differ as well and may get up to $100 for 1 GB. Nevertheless, text documents are rarely that big, so it’s likely that you won’t have to buy new space regularly or often.

Flat fees for a month. Often, platforms offer a lot of space, a big amount of users, and other features for a fixed monthly price. It may vary a lot as well as the provided features. Usually, companies take this offer to work on large projects. Those, who need to deal with a small one, prefer to use free VDRs. Of course, the amount of options and storage provided by them is much smaller, but it may be enough to share and work on documents though.