Best free cloud apps

Have a problem with storing tons of your files? Want to immediately share it with other users? Try to install an app cloud! Check out our list of the best applications available for free.

Benefits of Storage Software 

Nowadays, almost everyone has a problem storing data. It’s not surprising as the majority of photos and videos on modern smartphones are high-quality and take a lot of space to store. Another common problem is data sharing. In this fortune, cloud apps may be a great solution. They provide users the possibility to store any data online. Another great feature is sharing of stored files. It may be helpful not only for personal usage but for business or some professional field as well. Using such applications, no distance is a problem.

Nevertheless, the majority of software offering such services is quite expensive. In some cases, the prices are inflated and not every user can afford to use such apps. Although, such functions may be very helpful and make your life much easier. We’ve compiled a list of apps providing the best services for free.

Top Cloud Storage Apps Available for Free

In this list, you will find free software providing the most helpful and flexible services to their customers. Feel free to use any of them as the quality of their options is approved.

Google Drive. Probably the most famous services on the market. It’s not unreasonable though. First of all, a customer may use 15 GB for free. Compared with other similar apps, it’s pretty generous. Secondly, it performs great. Synchronizing with other services is undeniably impressive. You can upload a picture or a video with the highest quality and it will be in the shortest time available on the storage, saving all its quality and resolution. And finally, it offers great sharing options. Moreover, you can make notifications, customize the interface of stored files, and use lots of other great unique functions.

Sync. It’s quite hard to find another software providing such a high level of protection as all the data is encrypted. Moreover, it doesn’t even have any success in users’ files. All the possibilities of information leakage or any other cyber threat are minimum or even impossible at all. Registering, a customer gets 5 GB of storage. Nevertheless, they can enlarge space using referrals. In this way, for each successful referral, a customer gets 1 GB more. Another benefit of this app is that it hasn’t any restriction on the acceptable size of uploading files.

OneDrive. It’s an app provided by Microsoft. As a previous one, it offers 5 GB of storage for free as well. By making referrals, a user can get up to 10 GB more. Customers can share and edit Office files using this app. Also, it provides some great opportunities for customers who have OneDrive on several devices. In this fortune, it’s possible to remotely interact with files on another connected device even if such data isn’t uploaded on a cloud. Such an advantage is great because it allows accessing desirable data whenever it’s stored.